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It is said that the mysterious book of dark magic known as "The Chimera Arts" was written by a powerful sorcerer in Europe in the 13th century. It contained powerful spells and rituals that could grant its reader untold power and knowledge and bring the creatures of legend to life. 


The book found it’s way to the New World, but was kept hidden away in a secret library, and few knew of its existence. A young apprentice named Laguz, who was determined to find it and learn its secrets, tracked it to an ancient temple in the jungles of Costa Rica

"The adventurers set out to uncover the secrets of this powerful art form. After much searching, they finally found the entrance to the Chimera Arts"

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This Dreamworld was filled with a variety of creatures, from unicorns to centaurs and even magical fairies. It was a place where the gods and goddesses of old could explore their creativity, and it was a place of peace and harmony.

The apprentice was fascinated by the book and, despite warnings from his teacher, took it and studied its contents. He soon discovered that the book contained powerful spells and incantations that could be used to build bridges from other realities and summon otherworldly creatures in his mind and paintings into earthly existence. 


Laguz quickly became obsessed with the book and devoted his life to mastering the Chimera Arts. He made painting after painting of fantastical creatures - each more elaborate than the last. Soon Laguz had created an entire menagerie of incredible creatures that reside with him in his jungle temple.


As word of his abilities has spread, people come from far away to see the creations of the now-powerful Quantum Wizard of the Jungle - some yearning to take his magic with them. 

"The purest of creatures are often born in the foulest of places.”